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Our Journey

Welcome to our website and we would like to thank you for being interested in reading about us.


We are Beth and Michael Oyster and we live on a beautiful 40 acre farm in Michigan.  We have built our home to accomodate our dogs and our lifestyle.  All 4 of our kids have flown the nest and are on their own.   Michael is a college professor and I spend most of my time with the dogs, gardening and working on the farm.  We love being outside and doing as much as we can to be self sufficient. We believe our dogs are part of the family and are with us all the time and live in the house with us.  We also believe they should be able to act like a dog and be muddy and run and swim everyday.  We have a 3 acre lake and lots of fields and a dog shower built into the laundry room for the end of the day clean up. 


I have owned dogs all my life from big to small.  In 1998 I purchased my first golden retriever and fell in love with the breed.  Her name was Kelty and she came from champion pedigrees and she was beautiful. The goal was to breed her but due to family circumstances it was a dream that was put on hold.  


I added to our household anther AKC golden name Sequoia who had physical abnormalities and fell short of the AKC breed standard. He was an absolute love until he passed in December of 2013.  His physical shortcomings strengthered our desire to breed to the breed standard.  We are not interested in producing just another batch of puppies and will only breed once or twice a year from carefully chosen stock to enhance the breed  


After Kelty passed we started looking for another golden to begin our breeding program.  We fell in love with the lightest shade of goldens acceptable in the UKC and that was cream.  We love the UKC standard of broad heads, level toplines and powerful muscle structure. We wanted the best of the best to start our line and so we found ourselves at Hellacious Acres in Twisk Netherlands.  We are so grateful that Bart and Charmaine Van Maren entrusted us with a specail girl from Int. & UK Sh. Ch Dutch, German VDH Ch. Barnum of the Hellacious Acres and Ch. Moondust Ophelia.  I travelled over to the Netherlands to meet them and bring Oceana back to the United States.  She has become quite the princess and has shown promise in the show ring with junior titles and has won ribbons in APDT Rally. Oceana is now enjoying retirement and making sure the fish and frogs in the lake behave themselves. 


We have also been blessed with a special male puppy from another of the best of the best kennels and his name is Moondust Tarquin.  He comes from Ada and Fred Smink at Moondust Kennels in the Netherlands.  This is the kennel where I first saw the confirmation of the head and body of these UKC goldens and fell in love.  His parents are Int., Dutch, German, VDH, Danish, Swedish, Luxembourg Champion Majik Truth or Dare and Broadway of the Morning Valley.  We give much thanks to Ada and Fred for sending us such a special boy across the ocean and letting us bring him into our home. Tarquin is a Certified Therapy Dog and brings smiles to many in hospitals, nursing homes, schools and many other places where we volunteer together.

One of our sweet females was born in the USA two weeks after her mother arrived from Denmark.  Her name is White Sand Belle Savanna Pearl.  We just call her Savanna or Pearly.  We are very greatful to Kelly Spivey from White Sand Golden Retrievers for selling us this special girl.  She just turned two in May of 2017.  Her personality has a little more energy than our other dogs but she is also the one who has to snuggle the closest. Her sire is Golden Tunes Rocket Man and her Dam is I''m Terra Antyda Nathalie.

Our next addition to our family was bred by us and her name is Peacefield Acres Kohatu Perle. We call her Koha.  Her sire is Moondust Tarquin and her Dam is White Sand Belle Savanna Pearl.  She was born Thanksgiving morning November 22, 2018.  She became a therapy dog at the age of one and loves every critter on the property.  She has a special talent of finding kids and adults with special needs and tends to love on them extra special.  We look forward to breeding her with her silky smooth coat and fantastic personality.  

Our latest addition was bred by Catalina Goldens in Kentucky.. His name is Catalina Goldens Takumi of Peacefield Acres.  We are so happy to have Tarquin's son join the family to continue his legacy.. His sire is our boy Moondust Tarquin and his mom is Genevieva of Catalina Goldens.  He has so many characteristics of his dad and we look forward with anticipation of him being a stud dog.


All our dogs have passed their health clearances and conform to breed standard. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about this breed or our puppies.  Thank you again for reading our page.


Beth & Michael









Moondust Tarquin

White Sand Belle

Savanna Pearl


Peacefield Acres

Kohatu Perle

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