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     Welcome to Peacefield Acres where our goldens are part of our family and we choose to breed to the Golden Retriever Club Standard.  My name is Beth Oyster and my husband Michael and I live on 40 acres at the base of the thumb in Michigan. On our 40 acres we have a 3 acre lake, 14 acres of open fields and woods are fenced and a half acre attached to our house is also fenced for all our dogs to enjoy.  We have ducks, chickens, turkeys and cats to round out our family.

     Our desire is to breed on a small scale and to breed for temperment, confirmation, outstanding pedigrees and to improve the health of the breed.  There is no perfect puppy, but we breed to have the strengths of one improve any weaknesses of another Our dogs have been imported from some of the best kennels in Europe.

     We have chosen to breed light cream golden retrievers which is the lightest color of the Golden Retriever Standard of England. 

     These beautiful dogs have been called English Cream Golden Retrievers, English Golden Retrievers and British Golden Retrievers. Although many people have called these dogs by many different names they are recognized around the world as a light shade of golden retrievers. It is not the name or the color that sets our dogs apart but the fact that they are bred to the UKC breed standard which is different than the AKC standard.

Please enjoy looking through all the different pages and information that is here and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.  


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